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Shop Abridged Charcoal Glaze Low Twin Bunk Bed with Right Ladder. We've created a Bunk Bed with more space saving capabilities than ever before. No, we didn't use magic. We just scaled it down a bit.


  1. Posted by blatella, — Reply

    Smart to use wee stairs. Very smart. But would make the top bunk rail a double. Trust me, all of us came close to rolling out of ours.

  2. Posted by littleblankdiaries, — Reply

    Where is this from? It's not on the Crate and Kids website

  3. Posted by zuckermama, — Reply

    unfortunately you linked the wrong website..

  4. Posted by aldanamarcela46, — Reply


  5. Posted by SantaBarbarahouse, — Reply

    It's very amazing! This is a bed and a great storage rack. I am very happy to see this bed. There is a small staircase in the corner that adds beauty to this bed. This saves a lot in terms of purchasing furniture for our homes. We don't need to buy a shelf, but just enough to buy a bed will get a very good storage rack. Thanks for this really cool idea. This can be an alternative for those of us who feel bored with the bed just like that. 😍👍

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