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  1. Posted by PeridotClodsUwU, — Reply

    To y’all thinking “But this wouldn’t hurt him...” what if your mother carved holes in your face with her stomach, at the age you are now. Would that hurt? Thank you for your time.

  2. Posted by Sad_blue_cookies, — Reply

    there's been a murder!

  3. Posted by phoenixsurvivalist, — Reply

    I feel so bad for the pun-kin! 😵

  4. Posted by monamaheribrahim, — Reply

    Now Sans and Chat noir are so scared

  5. Posted by curvygirl0550, — Reply

    Well that’s rude all he did has tell a joke!!

  6. Posted by zulemad0324, — Reply

    If only I could do this with people...

  7. Posted by matalynnwallman, — Reply

    Honestly, I would kill that pumpkin too 🔪🎃😵

  8. Posted by rogerpark1, — Reply

    ya hes joke was funny!

  9. Posted by rogerpark1, — Reply

    i like the pun-kin

  10. Posted by molzm, — Reply

    "What the heck guys, that's not knife!"

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